Israeli innovation ecosystem meets Copernico for a networking night!

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16 Jun Israeli innovation ecosystem meets Copernico for a networking night!

The Milan Expo 2015 is the biggest international event of the year. This year’s topic is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for life” and is a time to reflect upon the drastic issues being faced regarding health on a global measure. Millions of people each year have major health risks from being undernourished while at the same time there are millions of people that die each year from being overweight and obese. The theme for the expo this year is a great opportunity for nations from around the globe to band together to create awareness of the realities of health, agriculture and food.

Even at Copernico, we are involved with making magic happen with the Milan Expo. Earlier this week we had the pleasure of the Israeli Pavilion hosting an intimate networking event at Café Copernico. “MEET the START-UP” featured some start-up businesses from the Israeli community; DryGair, FieldIn, and Hinoman. Copernico was given the opportunity to sit down with each company for a one-on-one meet and greet to learn more about these innovative groups.

The first start-up we had the great pleasure to sit down with was DryGair. Co-founder and CEO, Rona Orlicky, and Business Development Manager Alona Ron-Snir are two amazing women that were very passionate about the agricultural issues in Israel. Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center, approached Rona with the issue of humidity levels in Greenhouses. Rona quickly went to work with the idea to develop a solution for the humidity crisis. The high humidity and wetness of the crops in Greenhouses create diseases and fungus and are extremely harmful to the crops. Farmers waste too much energy, and see a decrease in yield due to the damages of the crops. DryGair developed a unit that acts as a thermal screen in a closed Greenhouse to prevent air exchange with the environment and a decrease in heat consumption. DryGair’s unit takes the air from the Greenhouse and filters it through and returns the air to the Greenhouse space warmer and dryer. DryGair saves 6L of fuel per hour, up to 60% of energy, produces 40 -45L of water, and keeps the Greenhouse humidity level relatively at 80% and the temperature at 14-18°C.


CEO & Co-Founder of FieldIn, Boaz Bachar is an energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur that noticed there was a big gap in agriculture with manually maintained crops such as orchards and vineyards. He saw with some of the biggest growers in Israel, that the data being received by the farmers and going out to farm workers was very inaccurate and started working to develop a product that would help farmers maximize their crops. With only 9 people currently in FieldIn, Boaz and his team were able to develop a platform that would accurately collect and analyze data from the crops and only submit relevant information to the farmer, so crops were being properly maintained with irrigation, pesticide, and machinery. All the farmer would need to begin utilizing 100% of his crops is to purchase a sensor that would go on the tractor, and let the sensor do the rest!  Depending on the farmers needs, the sensor analyzes information with a unique algorithm and can automatically control the pesticides used on crops so farmers are not over/under spraying! This sensor only costs a few hundred dollars and would be good for a lifetime. The farmer can then view the data collected from the sensor through the FieldIn platform that would be accessible by many means of electronics (Tablet, Smart Phone, PC, etc).


Hinoman’s CEO, Ron Salpeter, and Director of Strategic Projects, Efrat Kreiner, took time from their busy evening to sit down with us as well. Hinoman began harvesting the smallest vegetable on Earth, Mankhai through use of hydroponics. This tiny veggie has the ability to grow in shallow water, multiples every 7 days, and can be cultivated anywhere. Hinoman is using Mankhai to help nourish people everywhere in the world since it is high in protein and includes tons of other nutrients. Hinoman has found ways to integrate this vegetable into foods, helping to re-energize the health factors of foods. Mankhai will be offered to consumers at a very inexpensive cost. Mankhai is small, easy to use, and can be consumed in dry or wet form. This tiny plant is essentially flavorless; unlike many healthy greens consumers force themselves to eat daily. It can be mixed in juices, pasta, shakes and whatever else the consumer desires to combine it with.


DryGair, FieldIn, and Hinoman made presentations last week at the Milan Expo 2015. If you missed this, make sure you get down to the expo to experience the creativity brought by each nation as well as educate yourself on the problems many lands are facing with harvesting nutritious food for our people.

Keep checking the Copernico website for the latest updates on more events such as this one!

Stephanie Gavrity


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